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Shipping Info



Where To?

JAVAC can ship to any location worldwide.

How Much?

Shipping charges depend on your distance from our Melbourne head-office. Before checking out, you can enter your postcode whilst viewing your cart to calculate the approximate shipping charge. Our shipping charges have to be calculated per kilogram – we can ship small products (such as spare parts) in express bags, whereas heavier items need to be shipped via road.

If you need your order to be shipped to a location outside Australia, then we need to custom quote your order. Checkout using the 'Custom Quote' shipping option and we'll get in touch with you to notify you of the exact shipping charge. You can then decide whether to continue with or cancel your order.

How Long?

We strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We do everything in our power to get your order out as soon as we can. If a product is in stock, you can expect to receive it within 5-7 days. Small products that are in stock can be shipped overnight. Our popular products move quickly, and at times stock levels can get low. We'll contact you if we expect there to be any delay.

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