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JAVAC is a long standing Australian name, recognised for product excellence at national and international levels. Since it’s inception in 1964, the company has lead the way in forefront technology and are Australia’s only Manufacturing Specialist in Vacuum and Refrigeration Products.

Being the only Australian high vacuum pump and allied equipment manufacturer gives us security in an ever-changing competitive market. JAVAC is the only locally situated organisation who have the facilities and proficiency to offer customised systems specific to your application.

JAVAC’s customers have peace of mind knowing they are locally supported by a full team for all their service and technical assistance. At JAVAC we provide you the customer, the ultimate turn-key solution for all your vacuum and refrigeration needs.

In addition to its own suite of products, JAVAC has been the exclusive Australian/New Zealand representative of Leybold products since the 1980’s and has the distribution rights to many other OEM product lines such as KNF Neuberger and Flodos, Inficon, ion Science and Denton Vacuum. 

With our expanse of knowledge, local and international expertise, JAVAC is truly ‘The Professionals Choice for Innovative Solutions’. Speak to us today to see how we can help you. 

JAVAC Manufacturing Factory Tour


1964 - 1970

JAVAC (then Jig Boring Services founded by Ron Davies), commenced its operation in 1964 as a manufacturer of precision machining, later expanding to proprietary components such as universal joints drill bushes and tube expanders.

Name change to Jigtool Products.

1991 - 1994

Australian Design Award for new efficient vacuum pumps.

RECO range of refrigerant recovery machines is developed.

The 1990 Montreal Protocol saw all leading nations agree to reduce ozone depleting substances, JAVAC lead the way in Australia with the ground breaking RECO range of Refrigerant, Recovery and Charging Equipment.

JAVAC appointed the sole Australian distributor for KNF Neuberger.


The SHARK vacuum pump was released.

The SHARK remain the most advanced small portable vacuum pump ever made.
It featured die cast parts and sintered components in a plastic oil box, then covered in a plastic case, the SHARK actually looked like a shark with a wide-open mouth and gills for optimum air cooling – who said tools can’t be fun.


JAVAC moves to new premises in Rowville 3200m2

JAVAC releases the Eco fill, cylinder filling stations.

JAVAC UK is sold to the ASPEN UK group


Jigtool High Vacuum formed and thus began the Vacuum division. During this period the company developed a cartridge range of portable high vacuum pumps (SE series). The unique design allowed for the interchangeability of a full working module into what was simply an oil box.
The design is replicated by nearly all other vacuum pump companies today and Jigtool can claim to have designed the first cartridge type of vacuum pump in the world, the VacPak (reg design).


The ECO refrigerant filling line was born.

ECO high-speed refrigerator filling machines revolutionised manufacture of domestic refrigerators in Australia with nearly all leading manufacturers at that time using the JAVAC process.
These programs continue today with refined products to suit customer applications.
Being an Australian company and being forefront in engineering together with profound understanding of the needs of our customer base are some of the key distinctive features as to why JAVAC has the enviable reputation for Quality, Customer Service and Support.


JAVAC’s 40th anniversary. A commitment to R&D with advanced engineering is made.


JAVAC Australia remains 100% Australian owned and family run, with full freedom in the Australasian region.
JAVAC UK remain the sole distributor for JAVAC small tools in the rest of the world.


Awards received:
Australia Design award for the VacPak concept
Prince Phillip award for design excellence

Jigtool High Vacuum UK is formed to distribute into the EU.

Name change to Jigtool Products.


High vacuum process built by JAVAC in Australia.

Supplying parts is one thing, value adding and process engineering is quite another and JAVAC developed it’s skills in vacuum systems for process such as vacuum coating, vacuum leak detection, vacuum metalizing, freeze drying. Having supply partners such as Leybold was put the full benefit.


JAVAC introduced a flagship vacuum pump series named "Vector Series".
The only Australian Designed and Manufactured High Vacuum Pumps, a progression from the earlier SE, CD and JL range, these new pumps have the benefit of over 40 years of experience in design and refinement, resulting in a world class product.

2017 - 2018

JAVAC Australia’s line of high end equipment vacuum and refrigerant process equipment remains full independent and this initiative enables JAVAC Australia to explore international markets in the important environmental aspects of refrigerant management such as the RECO GT line and the ECO filling and decanting.

1981 - 1990

JAVAC (name change) is formed, a name more synonomous with vacuum.

JAVAC appointed the sole Australian distributor for Leybold Hereaus.

JAVAC develops direct drive vacuum pumps using Vacpak technology.


The Xtract-R refrigerant recovery line is released.

A partnership develop between Inficon and JAVAC, seeing JAVAC manufacturing refrigerant recovery (Xtract-R) machines for distribution into the USA.
During a highly successful period JAVAC delivered over 20000 units.
Today JAVAC are Australia’s only Manufacturer of Refrigerant Recovery Machines. Meeting international product standards and export to the EU, UK and USA.


JAVAC released the new RECO-GT series of high speed recovery machines.
The RECO-GT, is a Green Star Compliant Refrigerant Recovery and Leak Detection Solution. This machine sits silently in the plant room, and with over 100 installation across Australia, is capable of recovering up to 400 kg's of refrigerant, thus dramatically reducing refrigerant losses and saving our planet. The RECO-GT is able to earn cost effective Green Star Points, is a ECO specifier endorsed product, and recognised by the GBCA and Nabers.