Service Solutions


Here at JAVAC we have over 150 years of experience in all facets of vacuum. At JAVAC we understand the importance of regularly maintaining vacuum and refrigeration equipment. 

We offer full service capabilities on all top brands of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, and recovery units. 


We provide servicing to all JAVAC equipment and all other major vacuum manufacturers such as; Leybold, Edwards, Busch, Varian, KNF, Pfeiffer, Ulvac, Vacuubrand, Siemens, Value, Alcatel, Rietschie, GAST, Thomas, and Becker. 

As well as servicing a variety of vacuum pump brands, we also service a variety of different types of vacuum pumps, such as; Oil Sealed, Rotary Piston, Dry Piston, Roots Type, Turbo Molecular, Dry Compressing Scroll, Oil Free, Diaphragm, Cryogenic, and Diffusion. 


Javac has a separate department for the servicing of Automotive Air Conditioning Service Tools, such as recovery machines, scales, manifold sets, vacuum gauges and leak detectors. 

Automotive Charging Stations - Javac is a principal distributor for TEXA Konfort Automatic Charging Stations. We have trained technicians on board which can help solve most issues over the phone. 

Refrigeration Equipment 

  • Refrigeration Service Tools (charging scales, vacuum gauges and leak detectors)

  • Recovery and Charging Equipment

  • Commercial refrigerant recovery and leak detection equipment - specialised JAVAC GREEN STAR RECO-GT systems. 

  • On-call advice and on-site commissioning of RECO-GT systems by design engineers. 

Vacuum Gauges

  • Mechanical and Capsule

  • Thermocouple / Thermister

  • Pirani

  • Penning

  • Capacitance

  • Ionization / Cold Cathode

Specialised Services

  • Helium Leak Detection

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Carbon Monoxide Calibration

  • Leak detector compliance certificate

  • Custom Designed and Manufactured vacuum systems

  • Custom Designed and Manufactured refrigerant recovery and leak detection system

Why Service With JAVAC?

  • JAVAC is an Australian company, and is now the only vacuum pump manufacturer.

  • Highly trained and specialised engineers and service technicians.

  • Authorised service agents for Leybold vacuum equipment.

  • Service of leak detectors, vacuum gauges, vacuum pumps, recovery units, charging stations.

  • Calibration services

  • Prompt service quotes on request.

  • Authorised personel to test and tag all equipment in order to comply with safety standards.


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