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A Pump For Life
Whilst some manufacturers build pumps to be thrown away, JAVAC pumps are designed to last a lifetime. Our first batch of DD pumps, which featured the same underlying technology found in Vector, are still pumping today. That’s over thirty years in operation. After a lifetime of use, we easily service our pumps and return them to customers for another lifetimes’ work. That’s why a JAVAC Vector isn’t just an average vacuum pump – it’s your lifetime business partner.

It Just Works - Multi-head SAE fitting
Vector comes standard with a removable multi-head fitting that connects 1/4", 3/8" and 5/16" SAE flare. A resilient design makes Vector compatible with a wide range of commonly used refrigerants, including CFC's, HCFC's, HFC's and more. If there's a fitting or a refrigerant that doesn't work with Vector, then we haven't heard of it.

No Sweat - High Water Vapour Pumping Rate
For refrigeration circuits where moisture is present, Vector’s high water vapour pumping rate keeps the system dry. A high ultimate vacuum effectively dehydrates the system, optimising its performance and reliability. Vector also stops water from being absorbed into the oil, preventing corrosion and extending the life of the pump

Resists Ammonia (Option)
For corrosive applications Vector RD can be optioned with an ammonia resistant coating. Featuring tougher seals and special fittings, the option allows Vector to work with ammonia based systems without fear of damage. The ammonia package is available on all RD models and includes a 3/8” SAE flare.

Designed for Life
Vector’s stylish casing is more than just an exciting new look. The design optimises oil temperatures, improves efficiency and prevents wear and tear, allowing Vector to run at peak long after its competitors have retired.

JAVAC VacPak® Vacuum Cartridge
The unique VacPak® cartridge contains all the working components in a single assembly. Vector’s VacPak improves oil capacity and lubrication, offering quieter operation and lower temperatures. As well as providing superior performance, VacPak is also an economic method of repair or upgrade, allowing the cartridge to be removed and replaced in minutes.

Checked Twice
Before your Vector® leaves our factory, each component is blueprinted and tuned to ensure it meets our stringent standards. We then complete 24 hours of non-stop testing on each unit so we can be sure it’s ready for the demands of your laboratory. We’ve been building pumps like this for over 45 years, which is why we’re confident enough to give each Vector® a 3-year conditional warranty.
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