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Turbomolecular Pumps

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Turbo-Molecular Pumps

Most compact product line for industrial applications. On-board frequency converter and power supply. Easy and space-saving system integration.

Your Expectations: - Clean high and ultrahigh vacuum generation - Suitable for industrial use, like PVD and coating processes, display and glass coating - Insensitivity to particles or deposits - Low maintenance requirements

Leybold Solution: - High pumping speed and high compression ratios for all gases - Holweck stage incorporated - Resistant to particles and deposits - Insensitive to shock-venting - Monitoring and self-protection functions - Maintenance-free in most applications

Help & Support: JAVAC has a dedicated team of Sales Staff, Service Technicians and Engineers to support all Oerlikon Leybold Turbo Pumps. Speak to us on 1300 786 771 to discuss your requirements

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