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Split System Pack (PAKSPLIT)

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Brand: JAVAC

Refrigerant recovery from refrigeration and air conditioning systems has become very important in the HVAC industry. Mobile refrigeration trades people will find they need some key equipment to get them started and working efficiently while on the road.

Included in JAVAC's Split System Pack is the NEW CAL model pumps, CAL45 vacuum pump. This vacuum pump is an economical unit suitable for light refrigeration duties. It is ideal for small commercial applications where typical service evacuation times are required. This pump is R32 compatible.

In this kit you also get the New Javac Procharge 3 Charging Scale, which offers a 100kg (220lbs) weighing limit. The refrigerant scale is highly accurate and easy to operate. It offers a robust look and feel, at the same time not limited with just refrigerants, but can also be widely used in daily life.

The Tek-Mate portable leak detector is an extremely reliable unit with 5 g/a sensitivity for all CFC's, HCFC's and HFC's. It automatically compensates for changing background contamination, with an electrical sensor that consists of a ceramic substrate with a reactive element; and maintained at a high temperature by a built in heating element.

This package also offers a choice of two manifold sets with 36 inch hoses. Choice is between R134a manifold and R410a manifold. These manifolds are suitable for R410a, R134, R22 and R407.

All of this equipment comes with a 12 month warranty with the added benefit of knowing you are supporting Australian business.

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