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NOVADRY - Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

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Brand: Leybold

Vacuum is an important and widely-used utility in the food industry. Until today, oil sealed rotary vane pumps were the norm. However, using such pumps bears risks as the pump oil could end up polluting your work space or, even worse, your food. To avoid these risks and to en- sure product freshness, Leybold has developed the “NOVADRY”. This 100% oil free vacuum pump will revolutionise the market. The following key pump features will demonstrate you.

Maximum Robustness

NOVADRY was developed with all your applications in mind. It can han- dle water vapour, droplets, organic acids and even particles. NOVADRY’s robustness is based on for example its innovative belt drive and the self-draining pump design.

Extended Uptime

NOVADRY’s uptime has been maximized by reducing the maintenance requirements. The only consumables, belt and bearings, are optimized for serviceability and extend- ed service intervals.

Fast & Consistent

NOVADRY is recognized for its high performance, which is constant over time for each working pressure. This consistency is a direct consequence of using a wear-free dry screw design.

Minimum TCO

NOVADRY offers energy savings with its energy-efficient design. The additional air cooling, simple commissioning and reduced maintenance needs, offer you a minimal Total Cost of Ownership.

Optimized Noize Level

NOVADRY features a quiet operation combined with a pleasant sound, without any rattling or high-pitched noise. NOVADRY clearly improves the working environment.

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