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Leybold Trivac BCS

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Brand: Leybold.
Leybold Trivac BCS

The Leybold Trivac BCS PFPE Chemical BCS Trivac is designed for use with PFPE Oils. PFPE Synthetic lubricants offers excel where chemical and oxidizing influences occur. The Leybold Trivac PFPE BCS dual stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum pumps offer a pressure of 1x10-4 Torr. These pumps are commonly used for pumping of corrosive or aggressive media, backing turbomolecular pumps, backing diffusion pumps, backing roots pumps, turbo or cryo pumps, rotary evaporation, refrigeration system evacuation, epoxy degassing, vacuum sterilization, backing mass spectrometers, freeze drying, vacuum centrifugal applications, vacuum distillation, space research, and other vacuum processes.

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