JAVAC & TEXA Automotive charging & recovery, R134A & 1234YF, Leak detection, Diagnostics, Tools & accessories

JAVAC offers a wide range of products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of automotive technicians.

In taking into consideration many of the requirements of A/C technicians, JAVAC supply Premium and Base Application Packages to offer cost effective yet reliable tools.

The Packages are based around the XTR Pro Recovery unit, with Leak Detector and a choice of Vacuum Pump. The XTR Pro features a quiet AC compressor with high recovery capacity and capabilities for R410a. Features like a high torque AC motor, provides up to 50% noise reduction, increased vapour speed ensuring the residual vapour moves faster and delivers your results quicker. True multipurpose recovery of R12, R134a, R22, R401, R404, R406, R408, R410A, R411, R412, R500, R502, R509, in fact a whole range of CFC's, HCFC's and HFC's with blends and A & B variations of most. The XTR Pro includes a comprehensive built in manifold analyser that puts control in your hands for vapour, liquid or combined recovery and with fully automatic pressure regulation, you don't need to 'tweak' for optimum performance, it's fail-safe! Purge, self-cleaning, is "on the fly", no need to shut down. You can flush, push pull, and sub cool by using this advanced facility.

So do all effective solutions come at a price? No! At JAVAC, we're dedicated to quality, support and local service, so you'll be equipped with the right tools for the job! For more information on the Premium or Base Application Packages, contact JAVAC on 1300 786 771.