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XTR XTRACT-R Ultra Recovery Machine 134a, R410a

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Product Details
Brand: JAVAC

The original XTR XTRACT-R was one of the first high performance recovery unit's that combined fast recovery with a fan powered condenser. The lightweight XTR Ultra has increased the affordability of the XTR XTRACT-R range while living up the to its reputation as a heavy duty work horse for recovery of a wide range of refrigerants available today.

The XTR ULTRA is specifically designed for field users who require a lightweight recovery option for standard refrigerants including R-22, R-404A, R-410A and all CFC, HFC and HFO, including R32, and 1234yf A2L refrigerants.

Feature Specifications
Refrigerants EPA Certified to ARI 740-98 for refrigerants, HFC, HCFC and CFC
Safety Designed to meet UL 1963, AS standards & EU equivalents
Power 220/240V AC/50Hz, 110-115V AC/50Hz
Compressor 3/4 HP oil less, Brushless DC motor
Cooling Fan Direct
Protection High pressure switch cutoff at 3850 Kpa
Compressor protected by Brushless DC drive circuit
Pressure Max low side design pressure 2600 Kpa
Max high side design pressure 3800 Kpa
Temperature Operating range 10'C to 40'C
Case Injection moulded glass reinforced high impact
Size 320 x 220 x 260 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 8.5 Kg
Refrigerant Liquid Rate
Vapour Rate
Push/Pull Rate
Refrigerant (Kg)
R22 2.30 / 138 0.31 / 18.6 7.10 / 426 <0.1
R134-a 2.00 / 120 0.25 / 15 5.80 / 348 <0.1
R410-a 1.65 / 99 0.30 / 18 7.00 / 420 <0.1
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