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XTR Pro XTRACT-R Refrigerant Recovery Unit - R32 Compatible

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Brand: JAVAC

XTR Pro is ideally suited for the refrigeration market. The Australia Made XTR Pro is one of the recovery units which comes under the JAVAC XTRACT-R refrigerant recovery family. The XTRACT-R has been a long standing JAVAC model which has has been around since 2006 and its still going strong to this day through the manufacturing of the likes of XTR Pro, XTR Altima, XTR Ultra and XTR Evo being part of the XTRACT-R family.

The unit features a quiet AC compressor with high recovery capacity and capabilities for R410a. Features like a high torque AC motor, provides up to 50% noise reduction, increased vapour speed ensuring the residual vapour moves faster and delivers your results quicker.

This unit provides true multipurpose recovery of R12, R134a, R22, R32, R401, R404, R406, R408, R410A, R411, R412, R500, R502, R509, 1234yf, in fact a whole range of CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s with blends and A & B variations of most.

The XTR Pro includes a comprehensive built in manifold analyser that puts control in your hands for vapour, liquid or combined recovery and with fully automatic pressure regulation, you don’t need to “tweak” for optimum performance, it’s fail-safe! Purge, self-cleaning, is ‘on the fly’, no need to shut down.

You can flush, push pull, and sub cool by using this advanced facility. Recovery Rate: 30 Kg/Hr Combined.

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