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Vacuum Filtration System MultiVac 310-MS-T / MultiVac 610-MS-T

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Brand: Rocker

Special design for large number samples

MultiVac 310/610-MS-T are economical models for large sample filtration. Eachsystem includes vacuum pump, manifold, waste bottle and filter holders.

Light and handy aluminum design

The manifold is made of aluminum which is autoclavable, light and cost-effective.

Magnetic filter holder is included

Magnetic filter holder allows for one-handed operation, and can prevent the membrane from being twisted or torn.

4 liter PP waste bottle with drain

The large capacity of 4000ml waste bottle with drain offers convenience of collecting and draining waste solution.

Individual control valve

Each branch permits individual control.


Filtration for suspended solid test, Microbiological test, General laboratory filtration

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