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JAVAC Commercial Refrigeration supplies products for recovery, charging, leak detection, identifiers & analysers, spare parts, tools and accessories.

Vacuum; Essential to the refrigeration industry, without it HVAC systems simply would not work. JAVAC is highly qualified to address any dehydration issues with refrigeration, plus our experience with refrigeration handling–be it recovery or charging–is simply second to none in Australia.

Charging; We offer production line charging facilities based on weight or mass flow. Standard units will deliver fast accurate charge to automotive, HVAC units, refrigerators, freezers or literally any application requiring 10 gm–25 kg of refrigerant. Specific units can be developed and custom-made to suit user application, refrigerants include HCFC, HFC, HC, etc.

Leak Detection: Be it simple hand-held leak detection, plant room or mass spectrometer-based He or H2 leak detection, JAVAC can offer tools on systems to suit.

Recovery: Large scale recovery has its place in industrial applications emptying ISO containers or even small portable bottles prior to refilling. The JAVAC RECO series of plant room recovery machines can recover and store up to 400 kg / minute, thus capturing valuable refrigerant for further use and reducing ozone depletion.

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