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Pro - Sense Infrared Leak Detector

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Brand: JAVAC


The JILD-200 is a hand-held leak detector that uses infrared sensor. Compared with the traditional leak detector, its sensor has a longer life and a higher detection accuracy. The JILD200 can detect a wide range of refrigerants, such as CFC, HFC, HCFC and HFO refrigerants.

Product features are as bellow:
  • Maximum sensitivity is less than 4g / yr
  • L- M- H, three levels of sensitivity
  • Self-test function starts once power on
  • Leakage peak recording function
  • Electricity indication
  • Sensor fault alarm
  • TFT LCD display
  • UV-LED Instantly lights up
  • Automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of no operation
  • Earphone function to ensure that you can hear the alarm clearly even in a noisy environment
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery
  • Flexible probe, can used to detect in a narrow space
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