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PVR Nitrogen Pressure and Vacuum Manifold

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Brand: JAVAC

The PVR Manifold is a duel 2 in 1 nitrogen pressure testing and vacuum manifold designed for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration use.

The PVR Features include:

  • Separate valves for pressure and vacuum testing procedures.
  • The PVR Speeds up the process of pressure and vacuum testing.
  • The PVR is specifically designed to handle high pressures involved in pressure testing R410 a systems.
  • Both gauges on the PVR are equipped with a set point indicator to monitor for pressure or vacuum losses.
  • The PVR has a built in vent valve for safe de-pressurisation of systems.
  • A safety relief valve is fitted to prevent accidental pressure damage to the vacuum gauge.
  • A 3/8 Vacuum hose adaptor is included for larger systems.
  • 0-1000 mbar vacuum gauge with built in set point indicator and safety relief valve.
  • 0-50 bar pressure gauge with built in set point indicator and guides for correct system pressures.
  • For use on all air conditioning systems including R410a.
  • All connections to the PVR are 1⁄4 flare male.
  • Heavy duty manifold without sight glass.
  • Stainless steel nitrogen hoses max working pressure 200 bar.
  • Gauge heads in rubber surround for protection.
  • Sturdy foam filled plastic carry case with handle
  • Maximum working pressure 50 bar.

The kit includes:

  • PVR Manifold
  • 2 x 2m Stainless steel braided, 1⁄4 connection hoses
  • 1 x 72” Yellow Vacuum hose
  • 1 x 1⁄4 x 5/16 adaptor to suit R410a systems
  • 1 x 1⁄4 x 3/8 vacuum hose adaptor.
  • Manifold hook for easy use
  • Instructional guide for the safe use of the PVR
  • Sturdy plastic carry case
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