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PHOENIX Quadro Helium Leak Detector

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Brand: Leybold


The new generation of leak detectors. Where precision meets speed, with your convenience in mind.

Often the success of any business depends on quality, and having the right tools and equipment is critical to ensuring top performance and output across R&D departments, as well as in fast-paced production and manufacturing facilities. We also see applications becoming more specialized, processes being more demanding, yet time for analysis and testing becoming less. However, when it comes to vacuum system leak detection you can rely on Leybold and the newest generation of PHOENIX leak detectors, where precision meets speed, with your convenience in mind.

A new degree of precision
Whether you are in a research lab, or production of high-class goods, quality depends on how accurately you detect deviations. Now, help is at hand: the new PHOENIX generation delivers the highest helium sensitivity for unbeatable reliability and stability.

A new level of speed
If you are looking to accelerate the leak test of your system or speed up quality control in manufacturing, time is of the essence. The new PHOENIX leak detectors feature an improved measurement system with faster response times than ever before.

A new dimension of comfort and choice
The new PHOENIX offers a choice of three models, so you are sure to find the right leak detector for your needs, with simple operation, integrated touchscreen and Wi-Fi options. New software functions let you add an external display to monitor and run measurements from anywhere for added flexibility. And thanks to internal and external data logging, no measured value is ever lost.

The new PHOENIX Quadro and Quadro dry

■ Available with oil-sealed or dry backing pump
■ Detection sensitivity improved by turbo pump’s optimized helium pumping speed
■ Pumping speed during evacuation from 2,5 m3/h up to 3 m3/h
■ More data flexibility: USB and bus interface options


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