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JAVAC Cordless Vacuum Pump

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Brand: JAVAC

JAVAC have now released its first 18v Battery Operated Vacuum Pump (Skin ONLY). It is the ONLY 2 STAGE battery operated vacuum pump out in the market.

This is the perfect vacuum pump for doing residential splits, small commercial service and installs, and also for automotive A/C charging where power supply can be an issue. The pump comes with standard AEG ready battery fitting. These vacuum pumps have been tested with a fully charged 4ah AEG battery (standard battery connection), lasting an impressive 50 minutes which is more than enough time to carry out an install or service.

The pump comes with a shut off valve in order to avoid oil backup into the charging hoses and contaminating the system, and potentially ruining your manifold. As well as the shut off valve this Javac Pump also comes with a gas ballast valve which makes this the only cordless pump to do so. The function of the gas ballast valve is to enable condensable vapours to be discharged through the pump with minimum oil contamination, depending on the nature and quantity of the vapour(s) involved.

The CDC30 Cordless Pump comes equipped with Milwaukee and Makita adapters included in the box, so if one battery goes flat then another brand can be used. Bosch adapters are sold separately and are not included, check with Javac or Javac distributor for availability.



Anti-oil-returning design!
Special air passage is designed to prevent pump oil from returning to contaminate vacuum vessel and pipeline after the pump stops
Environment protection design!
The product has a built-in device to eliminate oil mist and an oil-gas separator at air exhaust outlet to treat with oil contamination in air exhaust.
Integrating design!
The motor and pump are integrated to make the pump more compact, simple and robust.
18V DC Motor!
The CDC-30 has a DC Motor, and runs with an 18V battery which can be used in a no power supply environment. This product is especially designed for low temperature conditions to guarantee normal starting in winter (³5°C temperature).
Oil circulation design!
The product runs with extremely high ultimate vacuum and low noise.



CDC-30 (double stage)

Voltage 18V DC
Free Air Displacement 1cfm 30l/min
Ultimate Vacuum 15 micron 4pa
Power 70W
Motor Speed 2000 r/m
Oil Capacity 125 ml
Dimensions 25x9.5x15.5 cm
Weight 3.5 kg

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