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Eco Fill Ultra

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Brand: JAVAC

Eco Fill Ultra

Javac's ECOFILL ULTRA is a proportional refrigerant charging unit designed for charging refrigeration equipment in a manufacturing environment.

It’s operates by metering refrigerant via a high precision Coriolis mass flow meter, controlled via plc and a proportional charging valve.

The unit is capable of using plumbed factory refrigerant or onboard cylinders as its source of refrigerant. It is capable of doing a full evacuation, leak check (pressure rise) and charge between 30g and 99kg as standard (can be modified lower and higher charges)

Features include:

  • Multiple refrigerant sources. cylinder or factory supply
  • Recipe mode with full customization for charge , tooling , vacuum and leak test per recipe
  • Full manual operation mode
  • Password protection
  • Courtesy 110kg scale unit for check cylinder contents
  • Data logging
  • Proportional charging for high speed , accurate repeat charging
  • Heater band with digital control
  • Service hour counter
  • Refrigerant charge counter
  • Low liquid refrigerant alarm
  • Cylinder loading ramp
  • Automatic Mass determination. No user input required for changing refrigerants in the mass flow meter
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