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Eco Fill Refrigerant Cylinder Filling Machine

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Brand: JAVAC
Eco-Fill Refrigerant Cylinder Filling Machine

Javac's ECOFILL is a refrigerant charging unit designed for charging refrigeration equipment or cylinders in production-line situations, from a refrigerant source.

It’s operates by pumping refrigerant from a source using a pneumatic booster (normally set to 25bar output pressure) through to a charging gun that is controlled by PLC. It has the capability of 99 recipes and can be used in full manual mode for custom processes.

Features include:

  • Capability of recovering residual refrigerant in cylinder/job prior to charging
  • Capability of “top up” charge mode
  • Full manual operation mode
  • Password protection
  • Evacuation down to desired vacuum
  • Leak checking
  • Zero refrigerant loss gun design
  • 150kg high precision scale as standard
  • Pulse charging (for high accuracy charging)
  • Wrong cylinder/job tare weight safety warning
  • Overpressure warning
  • Service hour counter
  • Refrigerant charge counter
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