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CoolPower Series Cryopumps

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Brand: Leybold.
CoolPower Series Cryopumps

Gas refrigerating machines for cryogenic temperature generation based on the Gifford-McMahon principle. Designed for cooling superconductors (magnets, samples) from medicine and research.

Your Expectations:

- High refrigerating capacity

- Small footprint

- Long maintenance-free operating time

- Low vibrations

Our Solution:

- Ultimate temperatures: two-stage models down to 8 K single-stage models down to 25 K

- High refrigerating capacity from the smallest volume: up to 18 W @ 20 K and up to 110 W @ 80 K for double stage coolers up to 250 W @ 80 K for single stage coolers possible

- Resistant to particles and deposits

- Simple operation by key-press

- No need for liquid helium and liquid nitrogen

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