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Forgot My Password!

No problem! As long as you still have the email address you registered, you can recover your password here.

This form will send an email to the address you registered with. Check your mail shortly after submitting the form - you should have a new email from us containing your password. You can now use this password to login to the store. If you don't receive an email, try checking your spam folder.

If you still cannot recover your account information, please contact us and a technician will retrieve your information once your identity is confirmed.


Why Can't I Add Some Products to My Cart?

When shopping online with JAVAC, only a selection of our products are available for online purchase. Some of our products have complicated specifications and require consultation with one of our sales representatives. This allows us to ensure the product meets your requirements. In many cases, some products have additional model variants that are not always stocked for immediate sale. To purchase one of these products simply contact us with your requirements.


How Long Does Shipping Usually Take?

If your product is in stock when you order, it can generally reach you within a week, depending on your distance from our head office in Melbourne. Small items such as spare parts can be shipped in an airbag and should reach you within a couple of days, whereas heavier items are shipped via road and can take longer.

Due to high demand for our products, stock can occasionally reach low levels. In these cases shipping can take longer than expected, as we need to source or build your product before we can ship it. If your product is out of stock when you order, JAVAC will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the delay. No payment will be taken from you until we ship the product, giving you the option to cancel or postpone your order should it be necessary.


How is Payment Handled? Is it Secure?

When checking out, JAVAC gives you the option to pay via credit card, phone ordering or direct debit. All payment is processed by a real person, not a computer, so you can be assured that payment will be handled correctly. We will only charge your account when we are ready to ship the product.

Credit Card Customers can enter their card details in the last checkout step. Your details are handled securely and are stored on our secure server, and are erased once your payment has been successfully processed. Credit Card is the easiest and fastest way to buy online.

Phone Ordering Customers do not need to enter any payment information on checkout. JAVAC will contact you when they are ready to ship your product to arrange payment. You can then use Credit Card, Direct Debit or Invoice to make your payment.

Direct Debit Customers should use the banking details supplied to wire transfer the funds into our account. Please include your invoice number in the payment details and ensure the amount is correct. For larger orders above the credit card limit, this method is the easiest way to make your purchase.