The DIP range of pumps was developed for operation in industrial systems. Excellent vacuum performance data combined with the inherent ruggedness of this kind of pump, make our DIP pumps a reliable component in high and medium vacuum applications.

Advantages to the User:

  • - High pumping speeds in the fine and high vacuum ranges
  • - Low attainable ultimate pressure
  • - Integrated, water-cooled cold cap baffle guarantees low oil backstreaming rates into the vacuum chamber
  • - Low oil losses (even at high gas throughputs) by integrated, water-cooled forevacuum baffle
  • - High forevacuum resistance even at reduced heating power
  • - The heating cartridges are accessible from the outside via heating inserts which are built into the boiler. This ensures a quick exchange of single heating cartridges (even when the pump is hot)
  • - A separate automatic circuit breaker for each heating cartridge ensures a high level of electrical safety
  • - A standard built-in thermostat acts as an thermal overload switch and ensures that the heating cartridges can not overheat
  • - All pumps are prepared for installation with an over-temperature switch (optional) for checking the cooling water circuit, and a contact thermometer (optional) to monitor the operating temperature of the diffusion pump
  • - Indication of the oil level by sight-glass permits simple checking of the current oil level
  • - All DIP pumps are delivered with their inside chamber cleaned in such a manner that it is free of oil. The inside is evacuated. In the condition as delivered, the pumps may be also operated with silicone oil

Typical Applications

The diffusion pumps from the DIP range are used in coating systems, vacuum melting and drying systems as well as in vacuum furnaces in the area of metallurgy

Supplied Equipment

The DIP pumps are supplied ready for connection but without the filling of pump fluid. The inside of the pump is cleaned before delivery to such an extent that it is free of oil. The inside is evacuated. High and forevacuum flanges are equipped with gaskets and centering rings having shipping flanges and complete with clamping components.

Multiple models available: DIP 3000 / 8000 / 12000 / 20000 / 30000 / 50000



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